Recently a friend asked me about going to Disney World. She liked to think of me as her Disney resource (thank you for that) and wanted some advice. She’s visiting

Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom

Disney World for the first time in June but only has 2 days to spend – which park should she go to?

This is a tough one. I thought about it and came up with this idea: It really depends on the kind of experience you are hoping for.

If you are looking for classic Disney – castles, princesses, familiar rides, then visit Magic Kingdom. Spend a whole day, do your FastPass+ selections in advance (60 days if

you have your tickets and a resort reservation.) My favorite rides are Big Thunder Mountain and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

If you are looking for a wider reach of experiences and like food from around the world – then visit Epcot. Spend another whole day…don’t eat before you get there as there are 13 countries to choose from.  I love Soarin’ Over the World and Test Track.

Entrance to Epcot

If you love animals and all things a little more exotic – visit Animal Kingdom. This is worth a day now as well. Prior to Pandora opening, we used to do this park in about 6 hours. Grant it, I don’t think we did it true justice, but three out of the four times we were there, it was raining and miserable. However, this last visit won this park a place in my heart. We did more, saw more and ate more good food than ever before – and that was before we rode Avatar: Flight of

Passage. This ride alone is worth a 4 hour wait and I hate waiting in lines. We got there early and waited 90 minutes. It was lovely queue line

and I met a very nice person who helped inspire this very blog and my Disney affiliated travel business (Thank you Jahna). It moved well and we really were in before we knew it. And the ride! Wooohoooo get those fast passes, wait in line, just do it…it’s completely worth every minute.

Animal Kingdom – Pandora

And then there’s Hollywood Studios. With the removal of the Great Movie Ride and the building of Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, this park is a little on the lean side for things to do. If I only had a 2 day non-hopper pass, I would not use it for this park…not yet anyway. Sure, there’s still Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, Star Tours and…there is the 50’s Prime Time Diner. But not for a whole day.

If I were to try to do the top three parks in two days, I’d split a day between Epcot and Animal, especially if it’s a early morning/late night for one of them. I’d still give Magic Kingdom a full day – go early, see the fireworks, watch the parades and get on as many rides as I could.

I think she’s going to do Magic and Animal…good choices!

What would you do with just two days at Disney World?


The Tower of Terror – Hollywood Studios





2 thoughts on “Which Park?”

  1. I would go to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Even though there isn’t as many rides in Hollywood Studios, I love all the Star Wars characters. Those two parks are always a must for me, and then I switch out between Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

  2. Hey Lori Ann! If it were my first time, Magic Kingdom the first day -all day and for the second day, Hollywood Studios, short and slow paced stroll. Besides, they have Star Wars. 😉

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