On the road

I’ve been quiet, I know. But I’ve been actively working on this creation of Ink and Pen and where it’s going to go. And I recently found another little gem of an idea from The Minimalists that is right in line with my manifesto of less stuff, more experiences.

Stuff – Do We Need It?

Stuff – do we really need more? What if we got rid of one thing a day for five weeks to make room for the new adventures, experiences and few trinkets that we are going to gather? Would it change our lives?


InCoWriMo challenged me to write 29 letters in 29 days. I wrote 22. While I missed a few days, what I gained goes far beyond 22 days. 22 connections. Maybe one-sided, but maybe not. I hear rumors that the famous people that I chose to write to do open and read their mail. Maybe one…