I’m missing a day. I always have such great intentions…sometimes even grandiose intentions. “Today, I’m going to do…

You get the idea. There is a fresh challenge each month, sometimes each week. Some I’ve done…some I’ve done successfully! I have completed Inktober and a couple Rock Your Handwriting…the others, not so much.

However, the more I do them, follow them, get inspired by them, the more I want to do them, follow them and get inspired by them. Then day 3 hits. It’s kind of like week 8 in a 16 week semester – just much earlier. It’s when you skip a day (or a class) and next thing you know, it’s been 4 days/weeks. You’re behind, and even though you hate to admit it, you like consistency and now you’ve missed them. So you think, “I’ll catch up…post 2 a day”, “I’ll start again tomorrow” and so on. Rarely do you have to go back to the beginning unless it’s a Daily Om course on money (which makes sense for that one.) But my brain likes completeness. My brain likes a check mark in each day, and once I’ve missed a day, I feel like I have to make it up.

What does it all mean?

So, embracing Effy’s challenge (and Tam’s…and Kate’s…and Jessica’s…) of starting where I am, or picking up where I am, is one I’m still struggling with. But here goes…

I missed posting yesterday. I even had an idea for a post, which sometimes is a feat unto itself. And usually, I’d give up and do something else. But not this time…I’m here! I’m writing…I’m posting! And it’s amazing.

You know, I don’t usually set out on these challenges to have that “Aha” moment. I set out on them to take one step in the direction of something beautiful, exciting, interesting or expanded…the “Aha’s” just happen.

A big thank you, Effy, for this “Aha” moment…that missing a day is cool, and just get back into it. I may not make 30 days this month, but anything beyond a week is progress…so, 4 more to go!

What are you struggling with today? Have an “Aha!” moment?

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Missing a day”

  1. I totally understand. I’m a bit of a challenge addict myself, and at first I would always beat myself up about missing a day (or days). A few years later, I know to just forgive myself and pick up where I left off.

  2. Yes! Yay to missing a day being OK and keeping on blogging. There’s this idea in my head about new books, messy handwriting, drawing a line and still keeping on, not needing a new page or a new book…but it’s just whizzing and not making much sense. Maybe it will grow.

  3. Yeah, missing days are just no big deal. We do these things for ourselves, and no one is keeping score. I think the most valuable thing we can get out of these kinds of challenges is *kindness* towards ourselves while we make an effort, and perseverance as we fall off and hop back on the wagon. <3

  4. I too, want to do all the challenges. I make the lists of which I’m doing, the dates they run. Sometimes I start, sometimes the day slips by forgotten and by the time I notice I use the ‘it’s too late’ excuse.
    I try NaNo every year, in 14 years I’ve completed/won 2 of them. I think I won a Camp last year.
    I always promise myself to do better and start where I am with what I have.

  5. You have a lovely way of speaking. Get over the hump think outside your own thought of you and do it. We are our own downers sometimes.

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