Effy Wild does a thing – blog along with her for the month of April. It’s a great way to reconnect with my blog and my life. And if you feel anything like I do, you feel disconnected to your life after this weird, crazy, motherf&*king year we’ve had. Yet, this feels right. So here goes. On to my dream job!

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I spent the last year working from home on three jobs – two at one time. I got hired into my dream job at a stellar state agency in Nov. after working for the previous year with a heartful, wonderful non-profit hospice agency. And I fully believe I would not have gotten my dream job if it hadn’t been for that job at the hospice.

How it happened

A friend helped me get into the hospice job. I believed I wanted to work in marketing and communications. I’d been doing it unofficially for my college and theatres for years and was pretty good. With years of website management under my belt as website manager for at least 4 different sites. I loved the job! I got to be creative and help move some projects along that made me very proud. And the organization was filled with the most wonderful people. However, and there’s always a “however”, as the year went on, I realized marketing was just not that fun. I’m in the middle part of my career and this was turning into more of stress-fest than a good fit. It became more tedious than I thought it would. I really believed that being creative all day would be just what I wanted – of course, it wasn’t always creative. Sales people, campaigns, administrative work took over the creative process. I started to get distracted.

Next step

As an adjunct professor (of theatre), I was always on the prowl for the perfect full time job. It was habit by now. And I would get notices from our state about upcoming jobs. And there it was. My goal agency. Learning & Development. Training Unit. It. Was. Perfect. I applied. Please know, I was not unhappy at all at the hospice – the people are amazing, the work fulfilling, the larger community impact immense. It was the marketing job that was not turning out to be a good fit. My skills were great, but my enthusiasm was waning. I actually applied for two jobs of similar character the same week. I’d applied many times to the state with nothing to come of any of it. So when I got the email, it was breathtaking. I was then informed that I might know one of the hiring panel members! I couldn’t believe my luck! I’d applied for a position in a unit that ultimately was managed by a long-time friend of mine. She’d always told me how much she loved her agency, and her tenure was proof. I interviewed, I felt good, I interviewed again. Crossing my fingers it had gone as well as it seemed. Then I got the tentative offer.

Here’s where it got odd

I now had to let my job know I was possibly going to leave. I am not prone to anxiety much (I’ll tell the story of my PTSD after my dad died later.) My boss at the hospice is a wonderful, warm and supportive person. In my soul, I knew she’d be happy for me, but I felt like I was betraying them. It was the longest weekend of my life… okay, maybe an exaggeration, but you get my drift. I kept thinking she’d be upset, mad, disappointed… none of which happened. When I finally got to tell her – which was before the final offer as they needed to contact her – she was ecstatic for me. As I told her I was really nervous about telling her, she said that she always supported forward and upward movement for her staff, especially the women on her staff, and that she was thrilled. Of course, she said they were sorry to lose me, and what were they going to do, but in all, it was far better than I expected. Which is what is funny as I knew her fairly well by now, and I should have known she’d support me. Talk about overthinking!

New life – dream job and all

Passion led us here, two pairs of feet, dream job

My new job has been all I’d hoped for. I spend my days building classes and planning training. I get to work with an equally amazing group of people, and I get to see my friend so much more now. I am a teacher at heart, by training and by experience – also my dream job. I’ve been doing it in some fashion since college (won’t say how long that’s been.) It’s where I belong. And this agency was on the top of my list for 4 years since I was laid off my last full-time position. Yes, it felt too good to be true, but it wasn’t.

Thank you

This is my way of thanking my hospice family for helping me realize what I could accomplish, helping me trust my instinct and build my confidence. I fully believe I would not be here if it wasn’t for them.

Now, let’s travel!

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