I’ve always wanted to pursue a doctorate degree. Ever since I was in my undergrad program, I dreamed of being called “Doctor.” I put it off, gave it up, changed direction, revisited, you name it. Too expensive, too long, too far away… all the reasons not to do it. Then I found a program that suited my lifelong desire of a doctorate and I applied. And yesterday, I got accepted into my doctoral program. I had a hunch I wouldn’t hear until today or tomorrow, so I was being patient. Then the email came up as I was on a meeting. Talk about distracting. But I waited! Then I told my manager and she replied back with congratulations… and that I was approved for career related training funding! Any help is going to be great!

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Today, I looked at my calendar. I was planning to start in a few weeks (it’s done in 8 week rolling classes) until I realized we have a trip planned in August where we very well might not have Internet access, at least not reliable Internet. I’m glad I looked – especially since the last trip I booked I completely dorked it and booked a flight on a performance day. Luckily my director is super cool!

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It looks like I’ll be starting my doctoral program next Tuesday if all goes well. Now, to sort out the details!

In the midst of this, I’ll do my best to document this journey here as I’m sure it will both fly by and slow to a crawl! I hope you’ll join me!

OOH, I almost forgot! We plan to start traveling again! Yes, we cancelled the Hawaii trip for next week but replaced it with a Disney World trip! Let the fun begin.

4 thoughts on “Doctoral Program? Sure, why not!”

  1. Congratulations! This is so exciting! And now my dreams of doing this someday are stirring again…

  2. Congratulations! It’s meant to be by the sound of it! Good luck with your studies!

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