This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

My perfect day starts with a gentle waking up without an alarm because I got to bed at a decent hour and got plenty of sleep. After a lovely cuddle with my hubby, I take a few minutes to set my intentions for the day – what do I want to accomplish, how do I want that day to look. After a shower and such, I take a few minutes for a meditation to clear my head and focus my energy. Then it’s off to breakfast with good coffee and fresh fruit. It’s not heavy, but healthy and hearty. After breakfast, I take 10 minutes for a Tai Chi session. Upon completion of that, I settle in for a few hours of work on my business – email correspondence, planning, promoting, writing, painting, etc. My husband is working by my side all through this. We take a lunch break by walking down to the local pub, getting some exercise and sunshine. The afternoon may include client meetings or friend/family time, or a nice nap on our porch overlooking the ocean.

I alternate Tai Chi with yoga. I also enjoy a nice afternoon tea most days as nice energizer.

There’s more to the day, but that’s all I can see right now…I look forward to realizing this day!