Last year, we found that buying a “Passeport Annuel” was cheaper than adding an additional day (passports at Disney Paris are under 200 euro). At the time, we didn’t really think we’d be back, but for the time we wee there, we got the passport discounts, which made it worth it. Then we decided to take this trip…and it just happened that we were going to fly through Paris anyway (since we really didn’t want to fly KLM) to get to Munich for the start of our cruise, we worked out a stopover – with thanks to our travel agent for the good deal – and spend a couple of days here. That’s how we got here…well, sort of.

I left off with part of day 1.5 – arriving in Paris at Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport. It was loooooooooong flight but uneventful. I think I got 1.5 hours of sleep and only watched one movie. No idea what I did the rest of the time.

I missed a tip from yesterday’s post.

Final tip: Bring a treat to your flight crew. I have known a couple of flight attendants and the stories they tell are eye-opening, but that for another time. One flight attendant shared with me that they love getting treats from passengers. They are often on their feet for many hours and sometimes do not get real breaks. They also seem to really appreciate chocolate. We’ve started this tradition and it’s so worth it! Not only do they get a little appreciation, we get “hero status” among the crew. Sidenote: on a trip to Hawaii, all the crew came by to chat with us at one point or another. For this flight, we brought chocolate and got many smiles and thanks you in return…and wine from business class! Take a moment, bring a treat – chocolate works, so do burgers!

On to arrival. I mentioned border control – easy peasy! We then went to find our luggage. CDG is HUGE! It was quite a trek to baggage claim 40. We were crossing our fingers since our last international luggage event ended with a broken baggage sorter in Amsterdam and 7 days in Europe without it. (Mine arrived 8 days and Steve’s arrived 24 days after we got home – thanks KLM!) We didn’t even need to cross our fingers because there they both were when we arrived at the baggage claim. Sigh of relief!

To get to Disneyland Paris, we took the Magical Shuttle. We caught it five minutes after we picked up our bags. The trip takes about 35 minutes and passes stunning fields of mustard.

Hotel arrival was almost uneventful. We used our Disney Vacation club to book a room, they sent us a letter that was our reservation and voucher. I got to the desk and the desk agent tried to tell me I needed something else along with this, and then told me I needed to contact them. Mind you, this was 12:00pm France time. ¬†DVC is in Florida. He tried to argue with me until I repeated that there was nothing else, this was all they sent. He finally said he’d look it up – and magically, it was there. Why he didn’t just do that first before freaking me out, I don’t know. From there it was easy…our room was ready, we already had our tickets, so we went off to our room. What felt like 15 minutes later we arrived at our room – yes, it’s an exaggeration, but that was a long hall. The room is nice (I’ll try to remember to take some pictures before we leave.

We opted to go into the park last night, but we did take a nap first. I know, I know…you’re supposed to try to stay up until bedtime, but we were cranky and tired…so naptime it was! And it was glorious. Then into the park.

It was lovely. I’ll go into more on the park on Day 2 because it kind of requires it’s own post. We found some food (difficult after 8:30pm) and debated on watching the illuminations show. The debate was whether we should stay last night as it was getting cold or plan to see it tonight. We decided to stay last night because we were unsure whether we’d make it to 10:00 (we were right! but more on that later). The show was spectacular!

The beds at the Newport Bay Club were comfy but we still didn’t get enough sleep.

Stay tuned for Day 2!