If there is one thing this pandemic has taught me – flexibility. In these ever changing times, it’s hard to make plans, look forward to something because it always felt like it would not happen. But things seem to be changing, if we can take it slow.

Neon sign that says change - changing times

One of the things changing over here is that we’ve adjusted some travel plans. We were going to Hawaii next week but it feels too soon – and I’m sure in two weeks, they’ll accept vaccination cards instead of tests (or in addition to) but right now the testing requirement feels daunting. What to do? Well, we abandoned those plans.

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And I spent my day planning a new trip to Disney World. No offense, Florida, but the requirements for travel to your state are pretty much non-existent. And as I mentioned, we’re vaccinated so we’re going! It was a lot of plans to put in the works, and I made one fatal error – I forgot to double check my calendar and now am double booked on our flight day. I’ll have to get that sorted tomorrow.

Cinderella's castle, cloudy skies - changing times

Anyway, it was really fun to get excited about something that really has the chance of happening.

Now, to clean my desk!

7 thoughts on “Changing times”

  1. Oooh trip planning! That’s so fun.
    We are there yet, but I’m glad someone is.

  2. Wow, you’re so lucky that you get to travel again! And Disney World!!!! We went there on a family vacation when I was little – I still remember the terror of Space Mountain 😉

  3. I hope you and your family have an awesome time! I lived in Hawaii for four years and honestly don’t care if I ever go back. It’s great for tourists, not so much actually living there. Disney World should be loads of fun and here’s hoping the lines are short

  4. We have had so many holidays cancelled in the last year, we have a trip booked for August, put off from 2020, but as we are UK and it’s to France, we are expecting it to be cancelled or made suitabily difficult to take. We’ve just been told today, by the government, we can make UK bookings again….. Think we will stay home. Hope you make it to yours though, everyone see deserves to get to do something they enjoy.

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