Have you ever had that day where you really want to move your blog forward, but it seems that everything is working against you?

Well, that was yesterday. I went into make some changes to my site, update navigation and such, to find that I couldn’t see the back end site. Chrome decided that something was confidential on the page and so broke the link.

Now, my guests could still see my page, and I could post, as I discovered later, but I couldn’t change anything for navigation.

This started at 9:30am…I finally got a response from the theme folks, where the problem was seated, at 3:30pm. ALL DAY! I spent all day…and had only one post to show for it.

I changed the theme, it all worked fine. Then they wanted to help me, but I needed to put the old theme back up. So back to square one.

Fast forward to this morning. They are still working on the theme problem, but not specifically on my site, so I put up a new theme. I really like this one, spend about 90 minutes getting it just right…and bam! Broken.

With no real reason, it won’t load. Clear my cache. Won’t load. Clear all my history. Won’t load. Two hours later, very little help and getting yelled at in chat by GoDaddy support, still won’t work. Then…by some act of the goddess…it just works again. What…the…hell? GoDaddy had no answer.

Crossing my fingers now. All in all, it’s fine, I love the new theme even more than the old one – it’s more user friendly and does exactly what I want it to do – and here is my post for the day.

No, it’s not about travel, writing, planning or art…but it’s about staying on track with this challenge. I learned that I know much more about WordPress than I thought. I learned that I like the new editor (Gutenberg). I learned that blogging can once again be fun, now that the technical details are taken care of.

So, there you go. What hurdle did you leap over today?

4 thoughts on “Blogging hangups”

  1. Yay! Glad you got it all up and working!
    What did I overcome…just my mind trying to be mean today and slaying it like it was a dragon! 🙂

  2. I’ve had similar problems lately as well. At one point I had to just turn off the computer and walk away because nothing was working! I’m glad you’ve gotten it sorted out, I did too.

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